Behind The Scenes


Behind The Scenes: Rod Carrillo gives insight into Fall releases for Carrillo Music

Rod Carrillo sat down with his staff and made public some of the new projects that will be debuting this Fall for Carrillo Music. Just being done with a batch of studio sessions, he opened up about how the label was going into a more “house oriented” direction and focusing on vocalists are bit more. ” This year has seen great growth with our brand and signings, with the work of Kissy Sell Out, Trevor Simpson and Danny Howard among others. It is logical for us to move forward in a more melodic and house led front into the Fall of this year. We have signed a handful of great vocal records and have produced in-house some as well. I look forward to getting these releases out to the masses.” said Carrillo. The onslaught of new releases begin August 12, when The Head Assembly release “Tickle My…” with the vocals of the talented Julissa Veloz. Check YouTube Promo for Head Assembly “Tickle My” – Click Here