Warp Brothers

Warp Brothers

It’s been a little while  but the giant void left by the legendary Warp Brothers has finally been filled as they make their long-awaited comeback. With a massive rework of ‘How You Like Bass’, Ollie Goedicke and his new brother, Maurizio Inzaghi are ready to explode on to the dance music scene after years of silence proving the wait has definitely been worth it.

Rewind to the year 2000 and the release of their first single ‘Phatt Bass’. The Warp Brothers were catapulted to the forefront of innovative techno/electro music after the track smashed dance charts worldwide and was used as the epic opening soundtrack of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Blade’. It’s not only become a club anthem but an iconic piece of music that’s still doing the business almost 15 years later.

Despite the almost overnight success of Phatt Bass, the Warp Brothers were never destined to be a one hit wonder following it up with smashes such as ‘We Will Survive’ which reached top 10 in several countries including the UK and Germany, ‘Blast The Speakers’, ‘Cokane’, ‘Going Insane’ feat. Red Monkey, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, ‘Blade feat. Red Monkey’, and the Push EP which reached number 1 in Switzerland.

Shortly after their incredible early success, the pair took the Warp Brothers sound around the world from USA to Australia, Columbia to Japan, Ibiza to South Africa all while playing sets at the world‘s biggest festivals and clubs.

Besides their own original productions, the Warp Brothers have been called upon for plenty of remix duties on tracks including Black Spider ‘Save Your Life’, Brooklyn Bounce ‘Born To Bounce’, Fragma ‘You Are Alive’ and DJ Balloon ‘Techno Rocker’ to list just a few. In fact, more than 60 tracks have had the Warp Brothers treatment!