Trevor Simpson

Trevor Simpson

DJ Trevor Simpson’s heart will always be in San Francisco.
The artist, remixer, performer, World Town Inc. founder, and radio personality remains intrinsically connected to the hub’s electronic dance music scene. Whether it’s as resident DJ for prime SF nightspot Ruby Skye or booking the hottest talent in the genre around town under the World Town banner, he preserves that connection in everything he does.  On his forthcoming debut EP for his own World Town Recordings and Indie-Pop, Tamalpais, Trevor artfully weaves together house music energy characteristic of the Bay Area with massive pop scope.

Becoming an artist proved natural for him. After nearly a decade as a San Francisco radio presence on-air and in the clubs, Ultra Records tapped him to mix the 2006 compilation Ultra. Weekend 2. A year later, he followed that up by mixing Ultra. Dance 8, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard Dance Chart and moved in excess of 80,000 units.
Soon, Trevor had become a highly sought remixer, providing official remixes for Lady Gaga’s platinum-selling “Just Dance”, LMFAO’s “I’m in Miami Bitch”, M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”, and a host of tracks for the likes of Paula Abdul, Dev, Cobra Starship, Nelly Furtado, and Jason Derülo. Cutting his own original music proved the next logical step and something of a dream for him.

“The focus was to write songs,” Trevor says of the EP. “I wanted to make a cool collection of dance pop that would lend itself to remixing down the line. The music could work on the radio or on the dance floor. It isn’t about simply appealing to one audience or the other. This is for everyone.”
The first single, “We Are The Fire” [Featuring Niles of The Cataracs], coasts from an energetic beat into a shimmering refrain. It’s the perfect introduction to his sound.

“It’s really melodic and electro,” he goes on. “There’s a half-time, dubstep feel too. Niles belted out this incredible hook. It’s a change of pace for him because he’s usually rapping. His lyrics are super cool, and his delivery is unlike anything I’ve ever heard him do. It’s massive.”
That goes for the rest of the EP as well which also boasts potent and passionate collaborations with Anjulie and Beldina. Throughout, the bond with the city he started in remains strong—even within the Tamalpais title.
He explains, “Tamalpais is a big mountain in Marin County that you can see from San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. It’s a great name, and it’s emblematic of the area’s spirit.”

Ultimately, he’s representing even more than the Bay though. Trevor is emblematic of the American electronic dance music scene. “There aren’t many American dance artists,” the artist concludes. “I’d love to represent the experience of an American kid in the club scene. I want to always be slightly ahead of the trend. I’ve got my own music to showcase now, and I can’t wait to bring it to the world.”