Matt Fox

Matt Fox

Matt Fox is a 22 year old Producer, Local Personality, and EDM DJ from Phoenix, AZ. He has been producing Electronic Music for several years and music in general for more than six. Apart from interviewing DJs and performing at clubs and local underground parties, Fox specializes in mixing and producing Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, and Electro/House. He creates powerful mixed-genre sets with some of his own tracks mixed in.
Fox was first introduced to the underground electronic music scene in early 2008 and he instantly fell in love with it and it’s unique music and atmosphere. Using the skills he’d learned throughout high school and college he became a self taught EDM producer and began to DJ at local parties. With a fellow local DJ, he also founded and continues to run Arizona Dance Magazine, the state’s #1 Electronic music publication which soon became an increasingly popular music blog: Besides helping to promote and archive some of the incredible things happening in the Arizona underground scene, he also interviews and films popular EDM DJs like Special D, Darude, Tritonal, Porter Robinson, Basshunter, and more.

Fox was discovered by label head Rod Carrillo, when Carrillo heard a bootleg mix that Fox had done of MIA. Shortly after, Carrillo brought him into the studio and put the finishing touches of Fox’s first EP “Rave Juice” and signed Fox to the label.

Matt Fox intends on continuing his music career with Carrillo Music and aspires to become a frontrunner and innovator of electronic music, creating new styles and genres along the way.