Alexis Salgado

Alexis Salgado

Alexis Salgado is a Cuban American singer that hails from Miami, Florida.

Alexis began singing at the age of three. She learned the words to the song, Part of your world by the Classical Disney Movie, The Little Mermaid. She would spend the whole day singing and whistling. At the age of 8 Alexis started to write her own songs. It was then when her parents knew she would become a singer and got her singing lessons then her journey took flight.

Alexis has been seen and heard singing for several years in school concerts, churches and Educational School Assembly Programs across the country.

In 2011, Alexis was signed to a recording contract by label president, Rod Carrillo, to Carrillo Music. Alexis was spotted by Carrillo after he came across one of her demo tape.

Since then Alexis has been busy doing shows around the country. Her first release with Liam Keegan “Never Knew” got International attention and now in 2013 she is set to her solo release “I Need You”.